How Meridian Works

2014-07-24 15:55

The Meridian Process emerged from the first Meridian Conference, hosted in the UK in 2005 and the subsequent conferences held in Hungary, Sweden, Singapore, the United States of America, Taiwan, Qatar, Germany, Argentina and in November 2014 in Japan. The host country changes each year, and the aim is to rotate the conference to different regions to increase participation in the Meridian Community. Any country which is engaged in CIIP and has attended more than one Meridian Conference and understands the Meridian Process can offer to host a forthcoming Meridian Conference. This is usually agreed 2 years in advance through discussion with the SC and delegate endorsement at the conference. Each annual conference has been followed by an initiative in CIIP taken up by the host country to strengthen the Process, and various cooperative activities amongst members of the ‘Meridian Community’. Every country/economy which sends a delegate to a Meridian conference automatically becomes a member of the Meridian Community and is entitled to an entry in the Meridian Directory and access to the Meridian resources and activities. This year the emphasis will be on producing deliverables at the conference, some for development thereafter.

The Meridian Website is kindly hosted by the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) for use by all Meridian Community members. Any government official who attends or has attended a Meridian Conference can access the resources of the website and should submit a request for login credentials on the website. This will provide access to the Meridian Directory and other valuable resources from the Meridian Community.

The Meridian Process has a Steering Committee (SC) that includes all previous hosts, and a Programme Committee (PC) to assist the forthcoming host country in developing the annual conference. Membership in the PC is flexible to obtain a mix of expertise and regional coverage of CIIP interest.

Past initiatives of the Meridian Process include the Meridian CIIP Directory, the Meridian Newsletter “CIIP Matters”, the permanent Meridian website (, the MACRO Guidelines on Organizing a Meridian Conference, the creation of the Meridian Process Control System Information Exchange (MPCSIE), and guidelines for planning a CIIP strategy.


    The Meridian process

    2014-07-24 15:44

    The Meridian Process aims to exchange ideas and initiate actions for the cooperation of governmental bodies on Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) issues globally. It explores the benefits and opportunities of cooperation between governments and provides an opportunity to share best practices from around the world.

    The Meridian Process seeks to create a community of senior government policymakers in CIIP by fostering ongoing collaboration. The Meridian Process recognizes that it is only by working together that we can each advance our national CIIP goals and objectives.

    Participation in the Meridian Process is open to all countries/economies and is aimed at senior government policy-makers involved in CIIP-related issues. Every country/economy is invited to take part in the Meridian Process, and is encouraged to attend the annual Meridian Conference.

    July 2014: Please note: if you have requested a password and it has not arrived, please advise the Meridian Coordinator using the Contact Us button.
    If you are member of the Meridian Community and have previously had access to the Meridian Website you can  request a new password. This will allow you access to the resources on this site.
    New applicants for access to this website from Meridian Community member countries should click here.
    Government CIIP Policy Makers from countries which have attended a Meridian Conference are considered valid members of the Meridian Community

      The Fundamental Principles of the Meridian Process

      2013-12-14 02:10

      - The Meridian Process, Conference and Directory are open to all countries/economies.

      - Meridian is open to government policy makers interested in Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP).

      - Meridian seeks to foster collaboration on CIIP issues of mutual concern amongst governments.

      - The Meridian annual conference provides a confidential forum for government delegates, to promote open discussion and exchange of ideas without commercial pressures.

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